I had such a wonderful time at the festival - one of the highlights of my year. I was made to feel very welcome, and I loved the lively discussion among writers, readers, organisers, volunteers, Mudgee locals and out-of-towners. Ideas flowed as freely as the wine!
— David Dyer



Several times during the school visits organised by Mudgee Readers’ Festival I found myself wishing I’d been exposed to such a program when I was a teenager. Having a school and community supported program in which young people are encouraged to express their ideas and find and nourish their voices, is incredibly valuable.

– Emily Maguire

I so enjoyed being at the festival. I love a festival that is in a contained area where you can reach everything on foot. Mudgee is such a lovely town and the venues were so great. 

— Another Happy reader

Thank you for a wonderfully organised and interesting festival, what a huge amount of work and what spectacular results. 

— Another happy reader

The Mudgee Readers’ Festival stood out for me because from the outset, I felt taken care of and valued as a participant. The organisers weren't only very professional but there was a warmth and enthusiasm about them all that made me feel almost like I was hanging out with family. 

– Candice Fox

We had a marvelous time at MRF this year – absolutely wonderful. The speakers were outstanding, we particularly LOVED Summer Land and Roanna Gonsalves, Fiona Wright, Melanie Joosten, Felicity Castagna, Tony Doherty. Absolutely brilliant.

— Another happy reader

I felt welcomed by everyone involved in the Mudgee Readers’ Festival. I was delighted to find big, committed audiences, passionate about books and ideas. I felt lucky to be part of such a vibrant festival, in a beautiful location.

– Rod Jones

Thank you for having me. It was a great festival, right from the name (putting readers first) to the warm and generous staff and volunteers, the gorgeous venues, very beautiful accommodation, and the enthusiastic readers.

— Roanna Gonsalves

Thank you for having me there! It's a great festival—well organised, and such enthusiastic and engaged volunteers and readers. 

— Michael Sala

I had such a wonderful time in Mudgee - thank you so much for inviting me. I really enjoyed the weekend and managed to see a lot of the sessions, which was great. It was also the first opportunity I had to talk about all of my books together, which I enjoyed and made some connections I hadn't thought of before. So thank you!

— Melanie Joosten

The town of Mudgee is, in itself, a treat. Beautiful surroundings, lovely people, and food as good as the wine, and the wine is really damned good. To add a festival celebrating readers and writers on top of that just makes the entire experience a complete joy. From the wonderfully moderated panels, to the gracious hosts, and luxuriant lodgings - I'm hoping to write more books just so I can be invited back!

— Sami Shah