Blind Wines, Blind Books

Ahead of our Blind Wines, Blind Books session this Saturday, Blind Wines wine genius James Horsfall has been busily matching Mudgee region wines with books by our programmed authors. Take his book and wine pairing advice and sit back with some Festival books and matching local wines:

Queerstories with Gilbert Blanc
This wine is drawn from three different grape varieties: Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Riesling — all blended together to make an interesting, stimulating and versatile wine that suits a wide array of foods. Often differences between grapes are highlighted, with some wine snob types preferring their wines unblended and uniformly varietal. I say pfft to that! This wine shows that diversity brings interest and richness; it often makes us better. This wine is undoubtedly going to keep you good company as you read through this collection of LGBTQIA+ stories — diverse and exciting, stimulating and challenging.

Blind Wines Queerstories.png

The Mother in Law with Heslop Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Cabernet Sauvignon is a complex, full and rich wine. It is a wine that rewards patience and needs time in the glass to express itself fully; it is a variety that is undoubtedly full of intrigue. The tannin structure of Cabernet Sauvignon makes it very long-lived but at times makes it a tough wine to drink in its youth. If Cabernet Sauvignon is not harvested fully ripe and treated correctly in the winery, it has quite unpleasant characters. However, the Heslop's Cabernet Sauvignon is harvested at its optimum ripeness and displays beautiful full ripe fruit flavours. This wine is a deep, complex red perfectly match for this complex, suspenseful read.

Blind Wines Hepworth.png

Want to try some more Blind Wines pairings and test your own book and wine matching skills? Join James at the Mudgee Art House for Bilnd Wines, Blind Books this Saturday!