The Mudgee Zine Makers project sprang out of seed funding and has resulted in the launch of two youth-produced zines at the Mudgee Readers’ Festival.


Zines created

Light Jack




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The opportunity to share stories from young people in a regional area — and to develop narrative voice and a passion for creating — is important to us, which is why we launch the work of the Mudgee Zine Makers at the main Festival and share these zines with our community.


The story so far:



The original group of Mudgee Zine Makers created original stories and pictures to tell the shared story of a week in the life of their character Cassie Swartzkopf. Their zine Light Jack was launched at the Festival by special guest Sarah Ayoub.



In 2018 the project developed into a partnership with Mudgee Local Aboriginal Lands Council to share a cultural story through the words and pictures of young Wiradjuri people. Their zine — Burning — was launched at the Festival by special guest Paul Collis.



The Mudgee Zine Makers are working on their next zine, to be launched in August at the 2019 Festival!